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Change happens one step at a time and with every step it brings us closer to fully operating sustainably. At Posh + Polish, we continuously challenge ourselves to become social and environmental leaders by:

  • offering waterless, dry manis. It helps prolong wear of polish and is the most sterile way to experience a mani while lowering our ecological footprint

  • striving to source suppliers who meticulously and responsibly select ingredients for social and environmental sustainability

  • encouraging guests to bring along their own sandals for pedi services to reduce waste of single-use disposable slippers

  • individually labelling and safely storing clients’ own personal implements to reduce waste of single-use disposable items 

  • carrying only lacquers and gels that are either 100% HEMA-Monomer Free, 5 to 21-Free, Vegan, Gluten and Cruelty Free including Leaping Bunny certification

  • recycling and reducing the use of disposable plastics whenever and wherever possible

  • being socially responsible offering fair wage, rewarding incentive plans and bonuses, allocating proper breaks and ultimately uplitfing staff morale

Our goal is to continually add to the list, but for now rest assured that your nails, our team, and our planet are happily satisfied with the Posh + Polish difference!

Social Responsibility: Welcome
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