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Reserve your 3 hrs private event! From bachelorette parties, bridal showers or any special occasion, Posh + Polish is here to deliver an exceptionally intimate experience to create lasting memories. What are you waiting for? We look forward to celebrating with you!


Weekdays 3pm-6pm

Weekends 10am-1pm/2pm-5pm

THE PRIM PACKAGE (min. 5 guests/max. 6 guests)

Secure a 3 hour private booking where each guest is pampered with The Prim gel polish mani + pedi, choice of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage  accompanied by a single selection of a

delicious and locally curated charcuterie board for the entire party.

$139 per guest

THE POLISHED PACKAGE (min. 5 guests/max. 6 guests)

Enjoy all that The Prim Package has to offer with an upgrade to The Polished mani + pedi.

$159 per guest

THE POSH PACKAGE (min. 5 guests/max. 6 guests)

Enjoy all that The Prim Package has to offer with an upgrade to The Posh mani + pedi.

$179 per guest


Substitute for Gel Nails Fill $25+

Substitute for Gel Nails Full Set $35+

Nail Art $5 minimum | $10 per 15 mins.

Ombré or French $15

  • To book and hold your 3 hour private time slot we request a $250 damage deposit, fully refundable to the depositor after all booked services have been completed and no signs of damage have occurred.

  • Damage Deposit will be considered a Cancellation Fee if any of our Private Parties Cancellation Policy is triggered. Ensure to read our Private Parties Cancellation Policy before booking.

  • Party reservation needs to booked at least 4 weeks out.

  • Gratuity of 20% will automatically be applied towards the final bill.

Private Parties: Welcome
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