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At Posh + Polish, we go out of our way to make sure our valued guests have the best experience possible from the minute they enter our doors to the moment they leave our unparalleled nail lounge. Please take a moment to review our policies to ensure you understand our operations procedures. If you have any questions, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


We adore children and want to protect them from our work environment of potential hazards such as sharp tools, equipment as well as liquor. For the safety and comfort of our guests and team, please apply our minumum age requirment of 10 yrs and up.


We value your time and presence and do the utmost to ensure proper timing to execute quality work. When you book an appointment with us, we set aside that time especially for you. Cancellations within 24 hrs of your appointment is considered late and may have potentially blocked another guest from booking. In light of the increasing late cancellations and no shows, we have updated our 3 Strikes Policy. Please consider:

  • Service time slots are allocated appropriately. We respectfully ask for punctuality as late arrivals can and will affect scheduling of other guest services. Any guest arriving more than 10 mins. late may be subject to their services being rescheduled.

  • At least 24hrs notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

  • A late cancellation or no show becomes subject to our 3 Strikes Policy:

1st Strike:  50% of booked service fee is owed. 

2nd Strike: 100% of your booked service fee is owed.

3rd Strike: 100% of your booked service fee is owed and guest may be subject to dismissal, no longer able to book with Posh + Polish.

Note: You do receive a text 48hrs prior to your scheduled appointment with a link within to either confirm, cancel or reschedule your appointment. You will also receive a text 25hrs prior to your appointment as a reminder of your upcoming appointment with your final opportunity to make changes if needed.


  • At least 10 days is required to cancel an event without penalty.

  • Providing between 7-9 days notice of event cancellation: 25% of total party package services will be owed.

  • Providing less than 7 days notice for event cancellation: 35% of total party package services will be owed.

  • Providing less than 24hrs to cancel individual guests: 50% of booked party package per cancelled guest will be owed.

  • Party is no longer considered private if there are less than 5 guests in attendance - regular public services may occur as per usual.

Policies: Policies
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